Single Malt Whisky

Whisky made from malted barley, produced at a single distillery and not blended with any other whiskies.

The Single Malt Whisky Club, Australia is a scotch purchasing co-operative. receive a unique monthly single malt whisky, carefully selected by our team, at very friendly prices.

Single Malt Whisky Club, Australia

Welcome to the Single Malt Whisky Club, Australia, a single malt whisky purchasing co-operative. We are canny with our money and love single malt whisky, so this is a whisky club for scotch drinkers who want variety, but don’t want to pay through the nose. More members means more buying power means cheaper whisky for all members. So tell your friends when your next sharing a dram.

There is no obligation, no joining fee, no hidden contracts, no bull.

Buying as a group makes so much sense. We can buy in bulk and send the malt to your door cheaper than you can buy it at the local bottleshop. We will keep the prices affordable, between $100 and $150.

The concept is quite simple. It’s like a wine club, except its whisky. Every month a new bottle of single malt will arrive from a different part of Scotland or the world! There will be tasting notes, whisky themed gifts and prizes.

All you have to do to join is fill out a simple form telling us your name and phone number, and we will contact you.

We also offer an online store for purchases of fine malt whisky anytime.

So tell your friends. Tell your workmates. Tell your family. Tell your dog.

The Club Basics

  • Join for free using our online form
  • Each month, we’ll email you info on the monthly malt including our video review
  • If it sounds good, do nothing! We will charge your card and ship out the bottle pronto!
  • Don’t want the malt? Just reply and say so and you can skip that month
  • Want an extra bottle or another one from a past month? Just let us know!
  • Shipping Australia wide is a flat $10 (1 or more bottles)
  • No contracts, no membership fees, no bull. Just great single malts.

Tell me more...

Want to chat to us before making the leap? Pop in your info and we will give you a call to explain everything and answer all your questions!

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