Dalmore 12YO

About the Distillery

I have managed to secure a parcel of a Dalmore 12yo. Dalmore has not been readily available in Australia through normal distribution channels and only available duty free. I have found a tricky way to get hold of it for Single Malt Club members.

Dalmore is literaly, “the big meadowland”. The  Dalmore distillery is situated North of the the traditional highlands, drawing its water from the Alness River, near the city of Inverness. The distillery sits on the Cromarty Firth which is an inlet from the North Sea, so it gets some maritime influence also.

Dalmore Distillery and Stills
Dalmore Distillery and Stills

Tasting Notes from the Distillery

Colour: Rich, deep, golden mahogany.

Nose: Intense and firm. Well structured with silky smooth malty tones – a hint of Oloroso sherry lingers in the background. It shows great finesse, extolling fragrances of orange, marmalade and spiced notes.

Taste: Good attack on the mouth, more elegance than muscle. The aged Oloroso butts smooth its rich, fleshy body with great harmony. Almost a concentrated citric mouth–feel captivates and tantalises the middle part of your tongue. An aftertaste of great abundance rewards the palate. A Highland malt of great distinction.

Dalmore 12 Year Old