Glenlivet French Oak Reserve

About the Distillery

We have a very interesting whisky this month – the Glenlivet French Oak Reserve 15yo. As I am sure you are aware, most whisky is aged in second hand bourbon barrels. Since Bourbon can only be aged in new or virgin american oak and most is only aged for 2 years, Scottish whisky makers can purchase ‘as new’ barrels very cannily. Fancy the Scots working that one out! Aye.

This month, the Glenlivet is aged in French oak. French oak has a very different flavour to American oak. It tends to have more vanilla and is far more complex. The great chardonnays of the world are aged in French oak, while your cheap and cheerful (nasty) cardy’s tend to be aged in American Oak. The tasting notes below would not be too out of place describing a Premier Cru, or Penfolds Yattarna.

I am really looking forward to this whisky as a bit of a change of speed from the Abunda’h. At only $69.99 for a 15 year old, its great value. As always $6.50 postage applies and if you’d like to skip this month, just drop me an email, otherwise you’ll be getting one of these beauties in a bit over a week.

Glenlivet Distilery

Bottlers Tasting Notes

Nose: Cedarwood, Ripe Mango, Spices

Taste: Glenlivet French Oak Reserve is beautifully structured, with a well balanced interplay of fruits and spices. Intense and sweet with hints of citrus fruit. A full palate contrasts notes of ripe mango with cinnamon and white pepper.

Finish: Long and Creamy.

Glenlivet French Oak Reserve
Glenlivet French Oak Reserve