Macallan 12yo

About the Distillery

The most popular and widespread release from Macallan. The Macallan 12yo is composed of over 50 carefully selected casks; mainly first-fill Spanish sherry casks. A small percentage is above 12 year old.

The Macallan’s Curiously Small Stills are amongst the smallest on Speyside. Their unique size and shape give the spirit maximum contact with the copper, helping to concentrate the ‘new make’ spirit and provide the rich, fruity, full-bodied flavours characteristic of The Macallan. There are fourteen of these spirit stills, crafted from copper, each holding an initial ‘charge’ of 3,900 litres. These stills are so famous that they have appeared on the back of a Bank of Scotland £10 banknote!

Macallan Distillery
Macallan Distillery and Stills

Macallan 12yo - Our Thoughts

Colour: Intense Golden

Nose: Vanilla fruit with heavy sherry aromas

Palate: Citrus, some smoke

Finish: slightly oily

Bottlers Tasting Notes

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Macallan 12yo
Macallan 12yo