Miltonduff 10yo

About the Distillery

Situated six miles southwest of Elgin is Pluscarden Abbey. Initially a Priory,it was founded by King Alexander II in 1230. Miltonduff is said to besituated on the site of the Abbey’s meal mill, two miles from the Abbey. A stone from the original Abbey is retained at the distillery. The Miltonduff distillery supplies the single malt component of the Ballantines Blended Scotch whisky. IN this case the Miltonduff Distillery supplied their new make spirit to Gordon and MacPhail who then lovingly aged it and turned it into this months whisky – the Miltonduff 10YO.

All of the Miltonduff stills, three wash and three spirit, have the traditional, “onion” shape. They are approximately 15 foot high with the Lyne arm having a relatively steep drop at approximately 30°. The wash stills have a capacity of 18,000 litres and the spirit stills 17,500 litres. They are both charged with 17,000 litres. The wash distillation takes 5 hours and the spirit distillation 8 hours. The stills play their part in giving Miltonduff 10YO it’s desired character – flowery with hints of peat, heather and honey.

miltonduff distillery stills
Miltonduff Stills

Bottlers Tasting Notes (Gordon and MacPhail)

Colour: Light gold.

Without water

Nose: Soft esters with fruity aromas – red apples, followed by sweet fudge notes.

Palate: Cereal flavours with spicy and treacle notes.

With water

Nose: Fruity aromas – raisins with fragrant heather and cereal notes.

Palate: Sweet, fruity cereal flavours with a spicy edge and floral/freshly cut grass notes.

Body: Light and delicate.

Finish: Balanced, sweet and round.

Cask Type: First fill and refill Sherry casks.

Whisky Style: Easy drinking – soft flavours and a rounding sweetness.

Miltonduff 10yo