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Single Malt Whisky Club

What is the SMWCA?

Single Malt Whisky Club Australia offers great whisky, delivered to your door, at a better price than you would get it from at a bottleshop or pub.

Every month, we will send you a new whisky.

But really, the Single Malt Whisky Club Australia is about much more than just inexpensive, home delivered single malt whisky. We believe that the best way to truly appreciate something is to learn about it. To this end, we send out a detailed newsletter each month that focuses on our Malt of the Month. Not just tasting notes – we look into the history of the distillery and/or bottler, we investigate any special techniques used in the manufacture of the whisky and compare what we think of it to the distillery’s opinion. We offer our tasting notes as well as the ‘official line’ from the distillery. We even do a video review of each months offering.

You will also be able to ‘chat’ to other whisky lovers on our Facebook page. Compare your tasting notes with those of other members each month. Gain a great insight into the world of scotch whisky by asking our resident experts anything you ever wanted to know about whisky.

As the Single Malt Whisky Club Australia grows, we will continue to add even more value to membership in the form of special offers, invitations to tastings and other events.

How it works

OK, here’s how we do it.

Firstly, around the second weekend of the month, we send all club members an email. This email contains information about the ‘Malt of the Month’ – the distillery, the local lore, special notes about the distillation – and general waffling on about that months offering. It also contains some tasting notes, and (usually) a link to a video of Andy and/or myself reviewing the ‘Malt of the Month’. Finally, we tell you the price of the whisky and give you a date on which we shall charge your credit card and the date we’ll ship the whisky.

Once you get the monthly email, you do one of three things:

  • If you decide you DO NOT want to take that months offering, just reply to that email and say ‘No Thanks’ (or words to that effect). We shall then skip you that month when it comes time for charging and posting.
  • If you DO want to receive a bottle of our ‘Malt of the Month’ as per usual, just … DO NOTHING! Yep, that’s right – if you want the malt, don’t you do a single thing. We’ll have your whisky out the door and on the way.
  • If you DO want to receive a bottle of the ‘Malt of the Month’ and also want to get an extra bottle (or two) of it – or even request a bottle of the previous months offering – just reply to the monthly email and tell us what you’d like. If we have the stock, we are happy to add these ‘extras’ to club orders.

It’s very simple – if you don’t want the whisky OR want some extras that month – just email us and let us know. If you DO want your monthly malt, do nothing – we’ll send you a bottle lickety-split.

Who runs the Single Malt Whisky Club Australia?

Brad Wright and Andy Anderson are a couple of blokes who love their single malt whisky. Around 15yrs ago, we decided to split a carton of single malt every month. Brad’s dad joined in soon after. Then another good mate, Gilbert. Then another… and another and… Before we knew it we were buying 5 cartons of whisky a month to split up with family and friends. The Single Malt Whisky Club Australia had begun!

Andy has been involved in the liquor industry for 20 years, blending, judging and evaluating wines and spirits. Andy brings an analytical style to evaluating whisky, breaking down the whisky into its component parts, applying his deep understanding of the whisky making process to evaluate the source of the aromas and flavours of each whisky.

Brad has worked in many facets of the hospitality industry since 1988. From glassy, through to DJ and promoter.  Brad discovered single malt whisky on the shores of Loch Ness in 1998 and has been hooked ever since. The last 15yrs has seen all his efforts put into growing both a family and The only thing better than a nice dram of whisky.. is a nice dram of whisky whilst sitting in a boat.

How to Join

Check out the joining options for the Single Malt Club, Australia.

Club FAQs

Check out our club FAQs to answer all the common questions we tend to get from prospective members (or just get in touch with any questions!).

Past Malts

View past malts from the club!

Single Malt Whisky Club Australia
Single Malt Whisky Club Australia