Whisky Tasting Vocabulary

Bland Lacking in personality.
Body  The amount of appropriate product character, usually used in conjunction with qualifiers such as ‘full bodied’, ‘lacking in body’.
Clean Free from off-notes from any source.
Dry An overall impact of astringency.
Green A preponderance of aldehydic at an acceptable level.
Heavy Possessing a high total intensity of delectable aroma and flavour.
Light  Possessing an adequate intensity of aroma and flavour, but tending to be delicate in type.
Mellow  A condition associated with good maturation, whereby alcoholic pungency is suppressed and the effect of hotness reduced to a pleasant warming.
Neutral  Lack of aromas, other than that of ethyl alcohol.
Rich Implies a high intensity of character; may also mean a preponderance of sweet associated aromatic.
Round A good balance and intensity of aroma and flavour notes.
Robust A high aroma intensity and flavour; powerful character.
Sharp Imparting nose or mouth prickle.
Soft Where the alcoholic pungency and other aromatics are suppressed.
Thin  Lacking in the aroma and flavour which it should have; watery

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